Whatís New in Sage 50 2013?

May 2012

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Besides the obvious name change from Sage Peachtree to Sage 50óUS Edition, letís take a look at some of the new features in Sage 50 2013:


® Prior Period Account Reconciliation: Lets you work in prior periods while others work in the current period. *** This is a long overdue enhancement!

® More Efficient Check Printing:† Saves you money by using plain paper (instead of expensive pre-printed checks) to print details that won't fit on a stub. It also lets you avoid the wastage that comes from printing $0 checks.

® Mark Multiple Vendor Records as Inactive:† A list of vendors that have not had activity since a date you specify, appear on a single screen so you can select the ones you want to mark inactive and take care of it with one click.

® Inventory Analysis Report: Now available in Sage 50 Business Intelligence. The Business Intelligence reports application comes standard with Sage 50 Quantum and is available for purchase for the Sage 50 Complete and Premium editions.

® Payment Integration:† Using Mobile Payment Integration, you can now to take payments using your cell phone or tablet. Mobile payment integration means you can swipe a credit card almost anywhere and get real time authorization.

® Sage e-Marketing: A very efficient and low cost marketing strategy, Sage E-marketing for Peachtree will help you increase sales through professional, effective e-mail marketing campaigns that use your Sage Peachtree customer information.

These next items arenít touted as new features, but they are important changes that will be introduced with version Sage 50 Ė U.S. Edition 2013 and the 2013 payroll tax update.

® Sage 50 U.S. Edition 3013, in addition to the single user and 5 user license, now offers a 3-user option for Complete and Premium.

® The Simple and Select payroll updates now have a limit of 50 employees per month, per company. You can upgrade to unlimited employees for an additional $250 per year.

® Starting with version 2013, only users with a current payroll tax update subscription will have access to the User Maintained Tax Tables for setting up custom payroll formulas.

® Payroll tax updates will be download only and will no longer be available on CD.

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