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Internal Accounting Review

Up to 15 checks of your data are performed by the Internal Accounting Review process in Sage Peachtree. These checks look for suspicious transactions and common accounting mistakes and give the user advice on correcting the transactions.

Similar functionality does not exist in QuickBooks.

General Ledger (GL) Access

In Sage Peachtree, you always have access to how your transactions are posted to your General Ledger accounts. Features like ‘Accounting Behind the Screens’ allow you to view the journal entries associated with transactions while you are in transaction screens, such as sales invoices, receipts and purchases. This gives you visibility into how a transaction is being posted on both sides of the GL, and allows you the ability to change any of the GL accounts that the transaction is posting to.

In QuickBooks, you can see journal entries behind transactions from a report that does not allow modifications. Accounts can be selected on purchases, but accounts cannot be selected directly from sales orders, invoices, or purchase orders.


Sage Peachtree Business Analytics

In Sage Peachtree, you can see how your company is performing compared to other companies with the new customizable company dashboard! Get instant access to view up-to-date key financial trends in order to compare items such as Total Revenue, Gross Margin %, Days Sales Outstanding, and much more. Use this tool to improve your business’ financial health and make critical decisions.

QuickBooks no longer ships with the Expert Analysis tool which provided similar functionality and the tool (ProfitCents by Sageworks) is not available as an add-on on the Solutions Marketplace. They do not have similar functionality built into the product.

Assemblies Reporting

Handle assemblies in new ways with modules on the Inventory and Services Management Center. This allows you to customize the dashboard for at-a-glance, detailed information about a specific assembly item. Enables quick research, comparisons, and decisions about complex assemblies relationships. See BOM details, which assemblies the current item is a component of, work tickets for an assembly, and more all at the same time.

Similar functionality does not exist in QuickBooks.


Password Security

Secure your company’s data from unauthorized access with increased password security options. Strengthen your password security with new customizable options such as automatic password expiration, multiple incorrect password attempts lockout, no repeat passwords, and masking passwords from other users in Sage Peachtree. Maintenance is easier giving users the ability to change their own passwords without relying on the admin, and requiring strong password compliance.

QuickBooks does mask passwords but only the Admin can set them. Password strength is recommended but not enforced.

User Security

Sage Peachtree multi-user products provide you with screen-level and report groups access control. Administrators can select from over 100 specific areas to give add, edit, view-only, or no access to each user.

Security settings in QuickBooks multi-user products (other than QuickBooks Enterprise) allow access of only 10 major functional areas, but not at screen-level and report group access level.


Assembly Revision History

Sage Peachtree manages the revision history for the customer so that you can see the entire history of the assembly item, with an audit trail showing who changed it.

QuickBooks will allow you to change the components of an assembly inventory item at any time; however, a revision history is not maintained.

Purchase Orders

Sage Peachtree will automatically create purchase orders based on minimum stock levels, re-order quantities, and quantities on sales orders.

Purchase orders can be created manually or from individual sales orders in QuickBooks, but not automatically and not based on stock levels.

Master/Sub-Stock items

Sage Peachtree will automatically generate your sub-stock items and maintain them as a group. This is useful when you want to create an item, such as a shirt or hat generically, and then use the attributes of that item (Color, Size, etc.) to automatically generate the sub-stock items to produce a line of products.

QuickBooks only allows you to use item classes as ‘sub items’ which is similar to Peachtree master stock items, but does not support true sub-stock items.

Work Tickets

Sage Peachtree allows the ability to build an assembly as a work-in-process. As each piece is complete, that task is marked off the work ticket. When it is finished, an assembly item is generated as “ready to sell”.

QuickBooks does not have work tickets.

Costing Methods

Sage Peachtree lets you choose from Average, LIFO, FIFO, and Specific-Unit costing methods.

QuickBooks offers only Average costing method.

Order or Sell Using Vendor Part Numbers

For each item in Sage Peachtree, you can store an internal part number, UPC/SKU code, and vendor part number. You can include these numbers when printing inventory reports from Sage Peachtree.

QuickBooks tracks internal and manufacturer part numbers that can be printed on forms, but manufacturer part numbers cannot be printed on reports.

Serialized Inventory Tracking

You may assign serial numbers to specific individual inventory items when creating transactions in Sage Peachtree, and maintain detailed records for tracking, recall, and warranty purposes. Also track the actual cost of each serialized item for more accurate profit measure.

This capability does not exist in QuickBooks.

Change Orders

Sage Peachtree provides a true change order tracking system that provides needed insight into how job changes impact the bottom line. Track the approver and approval date, updates to the projected end date, and estimated expenses and revenue down to phase and cost code. Change order information is included in Peachtree Jobs reports to provide analysis of estimated revenues and expenses.

Change orders can be applied to QuickBooks estimates, but are not tracked to the phase and cost code level. They also do not include approval tracking and do not contribute to analysis reporting that would help determine cost overruns.

Inventory Management Center

Create a customizable dashboard that helps you process large quantities of information about a single inventory item or service at a glance. It enables quick research, comparisons, and decision making. Excellent for understanding quantities, usage, and complex assemblies relationships. See sales orders, purchase orders, back orders, total invoiced, and more all at the same time.

Similar functionality does not exist in QuickBooks.


Order Process Workflow

Keep track of all the moving parts of your order process so nothing gets missed and everything moves along as planned. Have one centralized place to keep track of all process statuses, or just your own tasks and improve daily efficiency of your business with the new Order Process Workflow system in Sage Peachtree Quantum. You can also notify the next person in the process, with a status and specific notes as needed.

QuickBooks does not offer workflow functionality

Multiple Contacts

Store a virtually unlimited number of contacts per company in Sage Peachtree! The “Contacts” tab in the Customers screen allows you to keep track of any specific details you want regarding multiple contacts per company. Track more details like multiple contacts titles, phone numbers, e-mail address and specify the ship-to contacts

Only offers 2 contacts per customer.

Customer Management Center

Create a customizable dashboard view of your customer’s information such as their converted and unconverted quotes, invoices, receipts, time tickets, aged balances, items sold, and much more. Drill down to the detail and quickly take action.

QuickBooks takes you to one place but still requires multiple clicks to find the data you need. QuickBooks places you on one screen with 2 tabs and only 1 transactional module on each. You have to change settings on the fly to view different sets of information.

Open Multiple Companies

Get your work done faster by being able to open multiple companies within Sage Peachtree at the same time! Open all of your companies at the same and toggle to the company you need without closing your current company.

QuickBooks only allows one company to be open at a time


Tax Table Modifications

While both Sage Peachtree and QuickBooks offer tax table update subscriptions, Sage Peachtree users who do not subscribe to the service are still able to modify federal, state, and local tax calculations in user-defined tables.

QuickBooks users do not have the ability to manually set up or modify tax tables requiring that updates be made exclusively through the QuickBooks tax update service.